Worship Time to Change in January 2015

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Because we are Community

As a community, we are living out the message of Jesus-like Radical Welcome. We are inviting friends, acquaintances, neighbors and even strangers to journey together at First Christian Church, especially in weekly worship. As invitations are extended, we are listening and are hearing concerns about the start time of our worship service. Wishes and hopes to explore a caring and nurturing community, but concerns that it is “just so early on a Sunday morning.”

We are also listening to our members.   We hear stories each week that the worship service is on the early side for some young adults, college students, families with young children, and some of our older members, anyone needing a little more time to get ready on weekend mornings.

As a welcoming church that is committed to journeying together, we are listening and we are adjusting the Sunday morning schedule beginning January 4, 2015. Learning Hour will be moved to 9:15 am, and weekly worship will commence at 10:30 am.  Our hope is that the new schedule is favorable to all, including the friends and neighbors to whom we extend invitation.

In the New Year, we will continue to be a congregation that journeys together for love and justice. Please plan to join us on Sunday mornings; and by the Spirit’s inspiration, continue to extend simple, personal invitations to participate in this caring community of faith.


Sincerely, Ann Williams, 2014 Congregational President

Sally Nadolsky, 2015 Congregational President

Ryan Arnold, Senior Minister

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