Week of Compassion


February 15 through February 22 is your special opportunity to make a difference.

Every year the week comprising of the last two Sundays in February is designated as Week of Compassion.   Along with other faith communities in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) this week we are actively working to raise mission dollars for our collective relief, refugee, and development work alleviating suffering in North America and abroad – Week of Compassion.

“Sometimes people need help,” says Vy Nguyen, Executive Director of Week of Compassion and our recent pulpit guest. For over seven decades, Week of Compassion has made a difference in the world through direct financial assistance or indirect assistance by way of key partnerships.

When a wild fire hit the community I was serving in New Mexico, and over 250 of our neighbors lost their homes, one of the first phone calls I received was from Week of Compassion. When disaster strikes in the United States or Canada, Vy or one of his staff members contacts the local Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) congregations to ensure they have adequate relief resources for their members. Therefore, before I was certain whether any parishioner had lost their home to the Little Bear Fire, I was reassured Week of Compassion would be there when or if needed.

When by famine, natural disaster, war, or violence people are dislodged from their homes, Week of Compassion works with key partners like Refugee & Immigration Ministries, Global Ministries, Church World Service, World Council of Churches, and Act Alliance providing life’s necessities and working toward asylum in hospitable and welcoming countries around the globe. As you read these words, Week of Compassion funding is helping provide legal services to asylum-seeking children who’ve braved the journey from Central America through Mexico and to the U.S. southern boarder.

You can read more about our impact here: www.weekofcompassion.org/our-impact/

“Sometimes people need help.”

You can give any week of the year by visiting www.weekofcompassion.org and clicking the blue donate button on the top right of your screen, but I especially invite you to consider a generous gift this week. Every dollar received makes a difference.

This is your special opportunity to make a difference.  Please consider participating in our special Week of Compassion offering this Sunday and next.



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