To Whom Are You Bound?

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Written by Ben Allaway

This weekend is seeing a host of events at First Christian Church celebrating Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., his life, his work, his commitment to the poor, and his vision of a loving and just society.  We’ll also remember his time with us in 1959 with a firsthand account of what he was talking about in private conversations about the Civil Rights strategy.

However, the center of the weekend is Sunday morning worship at 10:30 a.m., our new worship time.  Without our worship, there would be no point to learning about economic justice or singing about civil rights.  Dr. King was first and foremost a man of God; a Christian, a pastor.  He would not have been an effective social leader without listening for God’s voice and being prayerful and attentive to God’s leading.

Sunday’s worship theme is on what our personal responsibility is to people who have been disinherited in society.  Being someone who has been disinherited can be a crushing experience.  Life for someone in those shoes is exponentially more difficult than it is for those with a steady income, health insurance, a loving family, and a network of close relationships we can count on.   Those who are in the group of “in-heritors” have a track record of productivity and contribution that others can recognize, and folks will give them some credit when they fall short in behavior or in their finances.

Not so for the disinherited, who are already labeled “convict” even after paying their debt to society, or “lazy” even though they have been searching for a job for two years.  After we explore and discuss together the theme of Economic Justice during the 2nd Conference for Faith and Learning on Friday at 6pm and Saturday from 9:00a.m. to 2:00p.m., we will hear Senior Minister Ryan Arnold’s Sunday sermon Bound to the Disinherited, which will be very helpful to our understanding of what our role can be in ministering to the disinherited, and that we are in fact bound to them and they to us.

Our fabulous singers Mrs. Ernestine Dillard and Roosevelt Credit will inspire us and our own singing during worship, and will be heard later in the day in the free MLK Concert for Love & Justice at 3:00 pm.

But First things First!  See you Sunday morning!


Ben Allaway

Director of Worship & Fine Arts

One Response to “To Whom Are You Bound?”

  1. Warren Frelund

    Thank you for your thoughtful and encouraging message this morning. It is so good to hear someone speak of the Gospel of Jesus and what we are called to do. I would love to attend but am in the second week of spinal neck surgery and can’t travel yet. I hope you have many attend who will make the commitment to the work we have been called to do. Perhaps some time in the future we can talk together as there are many thoughts about the Church and the Gospel of Jesus I would like to share with you. Some even get me in trouble at times.
    Blessings on your work.
    Warren Frelund, Deacon


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