The Thin Place of Your Living


In a recent conversation with friends, we spoke about the struggle to be “good enough” and how we come to know the things we are doing are the “good” things God desires of us. … I believe that in this, as with many things, we confuse the message of the World with the message of God. The world tells us we need to choose serving at a soup kitchen over spending time caring for our grandchild because working at the soup kitchen is the “good” thing to do.

To be good people, the world says, we need to be doing “good” things for others.

But God, I believe, cares more about who we are and how we are than about what we do.

God says to us,

“Don’t worry about whether or not you are ‘good’, you already are. I created you that way. It is your very nature to be good, and nothing you have done or that has been done to you has changed that. So look within yourself, see the truth of who you are, and then live from that place. When you do this, you will see the goodness I know you to be. When you do this, whatever you do will be enough because it will flow out of your goodness which is founded in me.”

If you find the paragraph above difficult to believe, then read it to yourself as an affirmation from God of your inherent goodness.

  • Read it daily.
  • Read it until you have it memorized and then say it to yourself and to your family every day.
  • Tape a copy to your mirror where you will see it every morning and every evening.
  • Say it to yourself before you sleep when the worries of your day seem to overcrowd your mind.

When our actions move from this place of depth and connectedness with one another and creation, then they will somehow serve to bring about healing in others, in ourselves, and in the world. 

You may have heard of sacred thin places in the world. Thin places – places where the veil between the Divine and the earthly world is almost transparent and you can see a glimpse of God. When you and I live from the truth of who God created each of us to be, when our actions flow from our connectedness in God, then we become thin places. Our very lives become that sacred place of intersection between the Divine and the earthly where a glimpse of God might be seen.

I pray you may recognize the sacred in your own life, and come to find God there.








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