The Map You Make Yourself


During times of transition, we often find ourselves seeking some plan or map that will guide us easily through the change that lies before us. Yet our spiritual mentors invite us to look for the map that grows from the wisdom and longings we find through the journey within.

May these words of Jan L Richardson bring peace and support to the living of your days.


The Map You Make Yourself

You have looked

at so many doors

with longing,

wondering if your life

lay on the other side.


For today,

choose the door

that opens

to the inside.


Travel the most ancient way

of all:

the path that leads you

to the center

of your life.


No map

but the one

you make yourself.


No provision

but what you already carry

and the grace that comes

to those who walk

the pilgrim’s way.


Speak this blessing

as you set out

and watch how

your rhythm slows,

the cadence of the road

drawing you into the pace

that is your own.


Eat when hungry.

Rest when tired.

Listen to your dreaming.

Welcome detours

at doors deeper in.


Pray for protection.

Ask for the guidance you need.

Offer gladness

for the gifts that come

and then

Let them go.


Do not expect

to return

by the same road.

Home is always

by another way

and you will know it

not by the light

that waits for you


but by the star

that blazes inside you telling you

where you are

is holy

and you are welcome


~ Jan L. Richardson

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