To Whom Are You Bound?

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This weekend is seeing a host of events at First Christian Church celebrating Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., his life, his work, his commitment to the poor, and his vision of a loving and just society. However, the center of the weekend is Sunday morning worship at 10:30 a.m., our new worship time. Without our worship, there would be no point to learning about economic justice or singing about civil rights.   More

MLK Concert for Love and Justice

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Love & Justice… What Dr. King worked for and still represents today could be boiled down to these two things. Love: Good relationships and understanding between all people of every race and culture. This new inaugural concert connects our Vision Statement, “Imagine Love & Justice…” with our historic experience of being the first venue in Iowa to host Dr. King.  More

Introducing Kevin Jones


This Sunday, November 9, we are privileged to welcome Kevin Jones to the pulpit of First Christian Church.  Kevin and his spouse, Becky, have been members of our congregation since 2012, and were active in worship and mission until he… More

Introducing Dr. Lisa Davison


In 2012, I (Ryan Arnold) was invited to participate in a online Lectionary study group hosted by the Christian Church in the Upper Midwest.  The resident scholar for the group was Lisa, an encouraging, passionate, and insightful voice streaming into… More

Jesus Stories


Written by Vivian Mogensen The elders have been sharing stories of Jesus that touch their lives in a variety of ways recently.  I have been especially drawn to the Jesus stories that involve Jesus pulling away from the crowd –… More