All-Church Workday in Newton!


Saturday. May 17th, we have proclaimed a Work Day when FCC members will gather at the Christian Camp and Conference Center in Newton, Iowa to finish assembling our furnishings and complete other finishing touches. Already a dozen members have donated sweat labor to this rebuilding… More

Reimagining Generosity

Christ was not meant to remain behind closed doors at 25th and University. He was meant to be in the world and our challenge is to make that possible. Stewardship is not a Sunday in October; it is living in faith all year, every year. Consider what a difference we make to our neighbors and you will see the image of Christ.  More

Skin In The Game

As members of First Christian Church, we have skin in the game. The decisions we make have an effect on what our church does. Our decisions have an effect on what our church is known for, our decisions affect the people that come to us, and our decisions affect our world.   More