From the Heart


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Why is the Antebellum South, also known as the Plantation Era, romanticized even though it was a time and place of extreme human cruelty? How is it, in the worlds of James Baldwin, that “We’ve made a legend out of a massacre”?  More

#ReconciliationGeneration: School Yards Not Prison Yards

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This year’s theme, #Reconciliation Generation: School Yards Not Prison Yards, is undergirded by Psalm 78 which reminds us of God’s steadfast blessings in our past and present, and God’s faithfulness toward restorative justice. God’s unfathomable grace toward each of us informs our courage to impact future generations for Christ’s shalom. As the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ,) we are committed to addressing racism as a sin and restoring all of God’s children to the fullness of their humanity.   More