Stewardship Matters

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Written by Jerry Mogensen

Here at First Christian Church we do good things which matter.

We nurture each other’s faith and we give everyone the opportunity to act on their faith in many ways. We encourage one another and we show Gods love. We do that through providing meals to the homeless; a LOGOS program where all of our children are treated with love; by providing ESL classes for immigrants who need help learning the English language; by visiting and encouraging our members who are unable to come to worship regularly; and many other ways.

I am motivated when I see people getting involved with feeding the homeless, pitching in with their time and helping to cook. When we do these things together, it is rewarding. I’m also motivated when I see many members volunteering to help with the LOGOS program. There are so many folks involved that it’s almost like another church service, but this one is totally geared to show the children how to receive and model God’s love.

I enjoy being involved in the music during our worship service which I feel provides a sacred space for all of us to join together in sharing God’s Word in scripture, song, and the word.

All of these things and many more provide me with the motivation to support this Church with my time, talent, and money.

I look forward to helping underwrite a budget that we have planned together to show God‘s love and justice to all. I ask you to join me with your pledge and your participation in our stewardship celebration and Thanksgiving luncheon after worship on Sunday, November 22nd.

Indeed, we do good things here at First Christian Church–and they DO matter!

Mogey (Jerry Mogensen)

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