Some Thoughts on Stewardship

Written By Jerry Mogensen

Fred Gee asked me to write an article on stewardship; Fred is obviously a risk-taker. Other risk-takers have asked me to do offertory statements at the table. That I am given a voice shows that First Christian Church is an inclusive, patient and forgiving community of faith. So, although I am certainly not an expert on the subject, I will share my thoughts with you.

For me, stewardship, simply put, is what you do with what you’ve got. As a Christian, it is also more about what motivates you to do what you do with what you’ve got. We have all heard, and perhaps believe, that all we have comes from God and we should therefore feel compelled to give some or even all of it back. However, I have questions about that theology.

1_boss_tweed_thomas_nastHow is it that, for example, Bill Gates was given billions of dollars from God and the people I have met on mission trips to Central America have been given barely enough to live on and some not even enough to live on?

So, has God decided the best way to take care of every one of us in creation is to put most of the money into the hands of the few and then inspire them to give to those who don’t have enough? I just don’t know. How is it then that God blessed America, but not so much El Salvador or Nigeria or Ethiopia?

I’m just sayin’…. Just how do we give what God has given, back to God? Is it by sending checks to TV evangelists, contributing to the United Way or our church budget and etcetera? Just how do we know where God wants us to go with what we have received?

a-life-of-excessive-generosityFor me, as a follower of Christ, I don’t believe I was singled out to receive X amount of stuff, money, or whatever so God could judge me by what I do with it. So, you might ask, “What do you believe?” I believe that what Jesus taught us was to give to the least, to serve others, to act out of love and to be generous. I give because that was the way God made me and I believe it is that way God made all of us. I give because of the example set by Jesus. I don’t know why I was given more than some and less than others or if there was ever a plan to give any of us certain amounts of wealth. All I know is this: to live out my faith I will do the best I can to show God’s love as Jesus did and will try to do what the message of the Gospels puts on my heart. I trust you will do the same.



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