Serving Meals for the Homeless

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Written by Jerry Mogensen

meals for the homeless
FCC Volunteers Serving a Tater Tot Casserole At CISS

At First Christian Church, we are all about love and justice.

As many of you know, we are founding members of what is now Central Iowa Shelter Service located at 1420 Mulberry Street.   This shelter houses 250 to 280 people nightly, who would otherwise be under bridges and in camps in the woods.

Our mission for the past several years has been to provide a meal on the 20th of each month.  We have asked various groups in the church to take a month and put together a team and a meal.  This has worked, but the task has gotten bigger and more expensive as the numbers of homeless have increased.

The Witnessing Committee has developed a new plan that we hope will get more people involved, whether you participate in any church groups or not.

Here is how it will work:

  • We will provide sign-up sheets for each month and you to choose to either help cook the meal, serve the meal, provide 7 dozen cookies, or provide a contribution.  You can sign up as a group or an individual
  • If you agree to cook be at the shelter by 3:00 to have a meal prepared by 6:00. You can do your own menu and recipe or Witnessing can provide one for you.  The Witnessing team will do the shopping and bring the items to the shelter for you.  We will also provide someone to help you cook if needed.
  • If you agree to serve you will need to be at the shelter about 5:30.
  • If you agree to make cookies you need to arrange to get them to the shelter between 3:00 and 5:30.

The average cost of the meal is about $400, however the team that signs up does not need to bear the entire cost of the meal.  Everyone is encouraged to contribute to the homeless meal fund and some money is in the budget.

This is a great mission that our church has been instrumental in putting in place and a great opportunity to demonstrate that we are all about love and justice!

If you have any questions about the homeless meal or volunteering, please contact Tom Floren, Jerry Mogensen or any member of the Witnessing Ministry.

So, please look for those sign up sheets in Fellowship Hall and get involved!

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