Toward A New Day


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1 Corinthians 12:12-18, 25-27


Dr. King accomplished much in his life. He influenced much during his life and after he was gone. Yet, ‘Dr. King’s greatest gift to us is not a seat on a bus or at a lunch counter for a few of us. It’s not even the wake-up call given to a majority of us, especially those of us who are white, who are comfortable living oblivious to the systemic racism happening around us. Behind it all, his greatest gift was to lay bare the Body of Christ and challenge us to live in it.’ …

Dr. King’s call to live as the Body of Christ did not end with his death in 1968. For many in our nation, and in the world, it has guided our sense of civic justice for 50 years.

Now it is up to us, you and me, to accept this call again today and every day until our world lives it fully.

It is up to us, you and me …

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