Given To All


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Acts 2:1-41



Today we celebrate Pentecost – one of the Christian Church’s holy days. After Jesus had ascended to God once again, Jesus’ Disciples, filled with God’s Spirit, shared Jesus’ message of God’s love and liberation with all who would listen.

On that day, a wild spirit encompassed the early Christian movement, shaking everything up and breaking down the barriers that separate humankind. Fire and wind – turning everything upside down, uniting the separated, and inviting everyone to be part of God’s community.

There’s no better time to celebrate the diversity of the Kin-dom of God than on Pentecost. Separately, our differences are too diverse to list, but put together, our individual uniqueness creates a beautiful kaleidoscope we call the Body of Christ.

Sadly, today we see people and nations (our own included) torn apart by racism, religious chauvinism, human-made borders, cultural bigotry and more (so much more). We have become a society of us-versus-them, where the “other” is to be feared and never trusted.

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