Cultivating Trust


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Luke 4:1-13




This year during Lent, we are using the images of Cultivating and Letting Go to guide our time. Growth in our Christian life is not simply about giving up, denying ourselves, some pious penitence. That is not the example of the Walk of Faith that Jesus lived for us.

God invites us to a life of wholeness – a life of both sorrows and joys, that we live in deep relationship with God, and in deepening relationship with one another. So, the questions we will be pondering ask us: What do you desire to cultivate in your life? And, then, what is holding you back from that – what must you let go of as part of cultivating new growth?

Today’s scripture text invites us deep into the wilderness with Jesus.

What the Devil was really offering was more than food, power and wealth. The greater temptation, the larger issue, was who to trust? Did Jesus truly desire to trust God to provide, to worship only God, to live into a way of life under the rule of justice, mercy and peace of God? These were the same temptations faced by the people of Israel in the desert. The same temptations you and I face every day.

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