Cultivating Compassion


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Luke 13:1-9




If you’ve watched the news or read a newspaper lately, it’s hard to avoid hearing about catastrophic events, like the cyclone that happened in Zimbabwe – more than 500 people confirmed dead, and they fear it’s really more than 1,000 – or the horrific flooding happening in Iowa and Nebraska today. Tragedies that seem to be random in nature.

And in between them we learn of tragedies created by human hands – 49 people gunned down in Mosques in New Zealand; 30,000 children who die every day from hunger.

Whether it’s larger scale happenings such as these, or smaller ones – diagnoses of cancer, couples filing for divorce, unexpected deaths, and more – I’m never surprised to hear people asking ‘why’ – why did this happen; why these people… This question of ‘why’ seems to be human nature. We want things to be ‘fair.’

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