Real Life Evangelism

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By Ben Allaway, Director of Worship and Fine Arts


I believe evangelism has to come out of my real life story.  It is the act of being real with people about myself, not reading from someone else’s script.  It is knowing my own story and being able to tell it, and asking others to share their story with me.

So, you love First Christian Church?  Ask yourself, “Why?”  That may be your authentic story right now, and sharing that story with someone is real-life evangelism!  Now, all you need is to find someone to tell.  If you pray that the Spirit will connect you to people who need to hear your story, you will be surprised at the opportunities that will come!

As I journey with Christ, as I give my life to him each day, my story becomes more interesting!  God can use my story at any point along the way, because it is never finished!

Has anyone ever asked you, “So, how are you, really?”  This invitation to be honest and to process what is going on with someone who cares — this is the kind of relationship that Jesus wants with us.  He wants to be that kind of real friend that we can let our hair down with.  And if we are lucky to have  bunch of friends like that, to be living in a real community of support.  “That’s what being a Christian ought to feel like,” says author Martha Grace Reese.  Everybody could benefit from being a part of a church community like that!

Come learn more about Real Life Evangelism with Ben on June 1st and 8th during a special Sunday Learning Hour following worship at 11:00 am!

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