Prayer for the First Day of School


Dear God, bless now Des Moines Public School, Des Moines Community College, Drake University, and all surrounding centers of education.

May our students relax in curiosity. Always seeking to question and discern the mysteries of life, grant imagination to all students. Through inspired plans and sudden observations appoint that children, youth and adults receive the hospitality offered—may anxiety decrease and peace prevail.   Oh that you might strengthen existing friendships and provoke good will among new companions so the journey together might be filled with meaningfulness, compassion and hilarity. No matter age or what stage of education perused, propel our students to courage, tenacity and success.

Let a spirit of kindness, resourcefulness and perseverance overwhelm our teachers and professors. Evoke administration to be cheerleaders, comforters and passionate organizers. May divine presence be known in all tasks of education, small and large, whether curriculum development, artistic and physical exercise, food preparation, transportation and custodial services, safety support, or classroom management. Grant that pre-k, elementary, middle and high school, college and university staff and faculty hear our collective and individual thanksgiving for their devotion. Indeed, education is truly society’s greatest vocation and calling.

And bless parents, grandparents, care-givers, and loving neighbors. Help us to listen. Help us to remember what it was like when we were in our students’ shoes. Grant that educational pursuits and extracurricular activities exercise the devotion and love made beautiful by the shared journey of family and friends. Might this bind us to one another in healthy, life-long, life-giving connection.

This is our prayer in the name of the Christ, our teacher and lord. Amen.

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