#MysticMonday for Christmas


Emmanuel, God-with-us,

long awaited, eagerly anticipated,

delicious dreams of royal robes,

a messiah enthroned with elegance.


False notions and easily accepted illusions.


A few open ones, full of surprises,

heard the fresh, full cry of life

echoed in the uninhabited haven,

the only place ready for a birth that was ripe.


Shepherds, sages, and scribes,

drawn by angels and stars,

discovered this divine simplicity,

then hurried from the hillside

with news that amazed them all.


But many years later the cry goes unheard,

stifled in the roar of unyielding opinions,

submerged in the noise of hasty judgements,

masked in the false folds of cultural glimmer.


The Surprising One continues to come,

entering the world in endless disguise,

concealed in those we have never forgiven,

secreted in the hearts of people we despise,

found in the rejected and unacceptable,

hidden in the ones we ignore and criticize.

“The Many Disguises of Emmanuel” by Joyce Rupp, Out of the Ordinary

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