MLK Concert for Love and Justice

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Written by Ben Allaway

Love & Justice…  What Dr. King worked for and still represents today could be boiled down to these two things.  Love:  Good relationships and understanding between all people of every race and culture.  Justice:  Equal rights, liberties and opportunities for all within the constitution and the law.  The inaugural MLK Concert for Love and Justice, a new annual event, connects our Vision Statement, “Imagine Love & Justice…” with our historic experience of being the first venue in Iowa to host Dr. King.   Our guest artists are going to powerfully and beautifully deliver Dr. King’s message.

Ernestine Dillard, Roosevelt Credit, Lonnie Liggitt, The Bridges of Harmony Gospel Choir of Roosevelt High School, the FCC Chancel Choir and readers from our Boys & Girls Club of Central Iowa will all share their unique perspective on Dr. King’s work.  Lonnie Liggitt will speak about the two extended conversations he had with Dr. King back in the choir robing room.  Don’t miss this spectacular opportunity to connect with our history and our mission as God’s welcoming people!

MLK Concert for Love and Justice

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MLK Concert for LOVE & JUSTICE  January 18, 3:00 pm

Admission Free (Love Offering)

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