FCCDM Middle School Mission Trip 2015

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The FCCDM Middle School Mission Trip to Kansas City was awesome! These youth are inspiring! They looked after one another, included each one, and jumped into service with joy. Parents and church, you should be proud!

I admire how Kassy, Drayvin, Caleb, Adam, Gavin, CJ, Robbie, and Austin engaged the National World War I Museum; at first with speed and excitement toward all the historic military items, and then with sobriety as the gravity and horror of WWI slowly eroded romantic ideals of war. Climbing to the top of Liberty Memorial helped us all regain presence to reality, and youthful exuberance returned.

mission trip 2015

On Tuesday morning we went to Harvesters, The Community Food Network. There we helped sort perishable food rescue items for immediate distribution, and broke down cases of apples into bags of eight or nine, which are easier for an individual family to consume. We learned about hunger, how a food network helps fill in the gaps for low income and no income neighbors, and the cost of nutrition.

Middle School Mission Trip 2015

Middle School Mission Trip

We spent the afternoon at reStart Inc. a volunteer organization that helps homeless persons and families transition into housing. The youth helped prepare that evening’s supper and helped harvest ripened vegetables from the garden. We then played board games with some of the residence in their transition-housing program. It was before playing games that one of our youth reminded the rest of the song we sing at FCCDM when welcoming a new member. Someone said, “We’re going to play games with strangers.” I replied, “Not strangers, new friends.” Someone else said, “There are no strangers here, just friends we’ve never known.”

Middle School Mission Trip 2015

Last, on Wednesday morning, we visited the American Jazz Museum and the Negro Leagues Museum at historic 18th and Vine.

Tired and filled to the brim, we returned home. No doubt new ideas, memories, and convictions were cultivated in fellowship, service, and devotion time.

A big thank you to Country Club Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) for hosting our Middle School Mission Trip, and a huge thank you to Stephanie Burris and Catherin McCabe, co-leading, co-laboring and making this trip awesome! I’m blessed to be part of the church in Christ in Des Moines. Let’s all do like our Middle School youth and keep imagining love and justice!

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