GenOn LOGOS: Planting Seeds of Grace

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1653339_10152214138546823_2059242442_n LOGOS, our Wednesday evening ministry with children and youth (preK-grade 12), begins its 14th year on Wednesday. As we gear-up for another exciting year, I share with you what you have taught me about LOGOS and about First Christian Church. … I have had folks tell me how much our congregation has changed since we began LOGOS more than 13 years ago. How adults and children once were in the same building but in separate places, separate programs, separate lives. How adults expected children to sit quietly and speak rarely. And now we expect, nay we demand that adults and children journey together. We live so closely together in this space that we know each other’s names. We understand one another so much more deeply that we look forward to the natural exuberance of children in Sunday worship, even if that means they aren’t quiet, especially when that means they aren’t quiet. LOGOS teaches the children and teens, and it reminds adults, that they are leaders and full participants in the life of our congregation now – not some distant day when they become “old enough.” We are learning even more deeply to value the gifts God places in every person, from the youngest to the oldest among us. And LOGOS continues to help us understand our call to share those gifts to bring joy and healing for others. 1397973_10151980588281823_1968853535_o As we have grown into a deeper and broader understanding of what God is calling us to in being radically welcoming, we have done better and better, as individuals and as a community of faith, at loving each child and each other as God would love. We have done better at planting seeds of grace in each other’s lives. And we are seeing the fruit of this emerging in the lives of the children. We are seeing them treat each other with hospitality and grace, irrespective of any outward differences or supposed abilities. Each week we watch as they find their common ground and then play and share and work together from it. Each week our children and teens show us again and again what it means to journey as one-body in Christ. LOGOS is one more way we live out the vision God has given us – as Jesus did, so we do. Let’s journey together. ** For more information about the GenOn LOGOS ministry, please contact Suzanne Stout or Holly Merkley (LOGOS co-directors @ First Christian Church).1598819_10152238962021823_659895802_o

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