GenOnLOGOS – God’s Love In Action

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LOGOS believes that every person is a child of God, and every person, regardless of their behaviors and actions, deserves to be treated in a loving and caring manner.  Therefore, the most important thing children learn is what God’s love in action looks like; they learn to treat each person, adults and children alike, with love and respect.

Each evening at LOGOS the children spend time in recreation, Bible study, and learning skills to share in Sunday worship.  They also have a meal together family-style, sharing with one another about their day, and learning the skills that are fostered through sharing a meal and listening to one another.

Our LOGOS ministers (a.k.a. volunteers) will tell you that their time spent with the children and other adults carries over into other areas of own their lives.  Through their participation in this ministry, consciously seeking to embody God’s love for others, they find it easier to treat others – whether it is strangers who are rude or co-workers who are angry – with God’s compassion and love.

Whether you’re 6 or 96, there’s a place for you in LOGOS at First Christian.

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