Last Trip, New Beginnings

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Written by Steeli Semin, Graduating Senior

The time has come; the end of my very last youth trip. All seven years have been absolutely amazing, yet so surreal at the same time. It started with Chicago, then continued with Minneapolis, Minnesota; Lincoln, Nebraska; Madison, Wisconsin; Kansas City; Chicago again, which I was unable to attend; and finally Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Every year was special in its own way, but for me all had the same lesson. I love helping people and I love this church. Some trips were more focused on service projects; some were more focused on sightseeing. This most recent trip was a combination of both. We traveled to Sioux Falls and Rapid City, South Dakota and this was the best way to end my journeys. Our service projects consisted of helping two wonderful organizations called The Banquet and Feeding South Dakota. Of course, in South Dakota, there is a lot to see so we traveled around to see the Badlands, Mount Rushmore, Custer State Park, the Wind Caves and my personal favorite, the Falls.

My senior trip, not only did I have a blast helping others and going to see some amazing tourist attractions, I paid a lot of attention to the younger kids on the trip. They are so full of energy and so eager to help others. Yes, they are a little rambunctious sometimes, but that makes everything a little more fun. I watched some of them wake up bright and early in the morning with little to no energy and see them come to life when we arrive to our service projects. I have so much faith in these kids and what they have offer, making my ending, although bittersweet, exciting.

mission trip 2016 group photo mount rushmore

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