Justice In Action is Activated

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The humanitarian crisis of the 50,000+ unaccompanied migrant children being processed through detention centers across the country is, by now well published.


“Who Are the Kids of the Migrant Crisis?” from NPR 

“Faith Leaders Have Right Response to Immigration Crisis” from Des Moines Register Opinion

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“How Churches Can Respond to Unaccompanied Children Crisis” by Christianity Today

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Each day there are new updates, ideas, or heart-wrenching testimonials, and without a doubt there are politics at play.  It is important to recognize that no one, liberal or conservative, has a monopoly on the best ways to care for the orphan and the stranger in our midst.   In his July 20th sermon, our Senior Minister, Rev. Ryan Arnold said, “How we, specifically we Christians, treat these children is a direct reflection on our willingness to do as Jesus did.”

Therefore, the Witnessing Committee sought and received permission to activate a Justice in Action Committee to enter into dialogue and discernment with concerned members and friends of the congregation, and to determine what, if anything, First Christian Church can do to help ensure the healthy, safety, and legal rights of unaccompanied children who have entered into the United States.

Answering why First Christian Church should be concerned about this issue our Witnessing Committee stated:

We proclaimed ourselves as a radically welcoming church that imagines love and justice as Jesus did.  Scriptures, both Hebrew and New Testament, are replete with references to hospitality, welcoming the stranger, and love of all people including children.  It is hard to imagine that Jesus would turn his back on children who are alone and, if abandoned, could be subject to trafficking, violence, and extreme poverty.  This is a humanitarian issue-affecting children who have no control over their circumstances.

With that said, Justice in Action is Activated.

Let’s come together on Sunday, August 10th at 11am in the Fellowship Hall for discussion, discernment, and decision, and for the sake of our neighbors let’s organize for justice.

Click here to read about the Justice in Action process.



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