UPDATE: Justice In Action 9/19/14

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We wish to thank so many who responded when Justice in Action was activated in response to the unaccompanied children flocking to our borders for asylum and help from the dangerous and deplorable conditions in their home countries.

Our first meeting drew the interest of many from the congregation and the community. As we explored the issue, we were introduced to a deeper understanding and discovered some of the work already being done.  We divided up into smaller work groups and came up with ways that we might, as a faith community, respond.  On Sunday, September 7, we welcomed Brynne Howard from Justice for Our Neighbors (JFON), and, thanks to your generosity, we received a special offering of $536.00 to go toward Justice For Our Neighbors (JFON) legal services for asylum seeking neighbors. These are funds which will support this organization’s great calling to provide adequate representation to those who are facing the legal system without representation. Statistics have proven that, without an attorney, migrant children are much more likely to be deported without having their case prepared or advocated for thoroughly.

We have explored other possibilities, but for now we are pleased with this Call to Action.  So, while  individuals are free to continue to learn & explore the issue further, the First Christian Church Justice in Action Committee is being deactivated until the next need, the next call, and the next opportunity to explore justice with our neighbor.  Thank God for your willingness to partner together in this holy work!

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