Just Walk Across The Room: Learning Hour June 7 & 14

Written by Ben Allaway

Imagine being a first-time visitor to an organization having a social event, and when you arrive, people are already visiting in small groups.  You don’t know anyone.  You came seeking connection with people.  The longer you stand there, the more you feel like an outsider.  Then, just as you were thinking this was a mistake, someone from a small circle of people makes eye contact with you, then says something to the group, steps out of the circle, turns toward you and begins walking in your direction.

Imagine the feeling of relief and reassurance as your eyes meet again.  The person approaches and a friendly greeting is shared. The two of you have a pleasant conversation, and after a while you are taken over to the group your new friend left to come and talk to you.  You are now part of the circle.

Now imagine you are the person who was in the small group of friends visiting when you see someone standing alone at the edge of the room.  You are really enjoying talking with your friends, but something tells you that the solitary figure you noticed is looking a bit uncomfortable.  You make eye contact with her.  You probably aren’t the first person to have noticed her, but no one else has greeted her.  You feel drawn to make a connection, and you follow that.  You excuse yourself from your friends, step out of the circle and walk across the room to the visitor.

This simple act sounds easy, but it can be hard to leave our familiar circle and connect with a stranger.  If we recognize the Spirit at work, however, it becomes the easiest thing in the world.  Come learn how to “Just walk across the room” and be the connection people are looking for at First Christian Church.  Two special Learning Hour classes will be held June 7 & 14 at 9:15 a.m. led by Ben Allaway.

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