Journeying in the Gospel of Mark


Welcome 2016!

With the strike of midnight on December 31, each year we sing Auld Lang Syne, toast what has come before and what is yet to be, embrace those we love, and dedicate ourselves to the renouncing of undesirable habits and/or the discipline of new practices. 2015, with all its goodness and failures, all its graces and challenges, has past. A new year is dawned!

No matter your resolution, even if it is to have no resolu- tions, I pray you will bring it to completion, and one year from now you’ll read my January LINK article, where
I’ll once again speak of resolutions, and you’ll feel ac- complished in your goal. I pray in the tough times where temptation sings its sweet melody and in the good times when you feel freedom in your new discipline you’ll stop, breathe, and relish the present. And if you fail – if by chance your resolution trips out of the starting block, I pray the quick arms of grace enfold you and encourage you to keep on going.

Richard Rohr quips, “We do not think ourselves into new ways of living. We live ourselves into new ways of thinking.”

Therefore, I pray 2016 is a year marked with living your way into new ways of thinking. Whether it’s going to the gym three times a week or eliminating credit card debt
or practicing your old high school instrument or remov- ing sugar from your diet or writing thank you notes to ve people a week, I pray you abundantly nd wholeness and sense Christ’s presence in 2016.

Further, I invite you to consider joining me in meditating on the Gospel of Mark for the 52 weeks of 2016. Some will make a resolution to read the entire Bible in 2016; I commit to contemplating one passage out of the Gospel of Mark each week, and I hope you’ll join me.

Here’s how it breaks down (Bookmarks have been made available to be picked up on the Narthex counters, in the church o ce, or we can mail you one upon request):

52-Week Reading Plan for The Gospel of Mark in 2016

Week of: Text:

Jan 3 Mark 1:1-15

Jan 10 Mark 1:16-31

Jan 17 Mark 1:32-45

Jan 24 Mark 2:1-12

Jan 31 Mark 2:13-22

Feb 7 Mark 2:23-28

Feb 14 Mark 3:1-12

Feb 21 Mark 3:13-19

Feb 28 Mark 3:20-35

Mar 6 Mark 4:1-9

Mar 13 Mark 4:10-20

Mar 20 Mark 4:21-34

Mar 27 Mark 4:35-41

Apr 3 Mark 5:1-20

Apr 10 Mark 5:21-34

Apr 17 Mark 5:35-43

Apr 24 Mark 6:1-13

May 1 Mark 6:14-29

May 8 Mark 6:30-44

May 15 Mark 6:45-56

May 22 Mark 7:1-23

May 29 Mark 7:24-30

June 5 Mark 7:31-37

June 12 Mark 8:1-10

June 29 Mark 8:11-21

June 26 Mark 8:22-38

July 3 Mark 9:1-13

July 10 Mark 9:14-29

July 17 Mark 9:30-37

July 24 Mark 9:38-50

July 31 Mark 10:1-12

Aug 7 Mark 10:13-31

Aug 14 Mark 10:32-45

Aug 21 Mark 10:46-52

Aug 28 Mark 11: 1-11

Sept 4 Mark 11:12-19

Sept 11 Mark 11:20-33

Sept 18 Mark 12:1-12

Sept 25 Mark 12:13-17

Oct 2 Mark 12:18-34

Oct 9 Mark 12:35-44

Oct 16 Mark 13:1-4

Oct 23 Mark 13:5-27

Oct 30 Mark 13:28-37

Nov 6 Mark 14:1-26

Nov 13 Mark 14:27-52

Nov 20 Mark 14:53-72

Nov 27 Mark 15:1-15

Dec 4 Mark 15:16-41

Dec 11 Mark 15:42-47

Dec 18 Mark 16:1-8

Dec 25 Mark 16:9-20

Will you please consider joining me in this resolution?  As an added bonus, all sermons in June and July will come from the weekly selection of Mark’s Good News!  It is my earnest prayer that you and I, influenced by Jesus the Christ, will live ourselves into new ways of thinking.

Journeying Together,

Pastor Ryan

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