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We often speak of our spiritual life as a ‘journey’. That really rings true for me during this time of intentional transition and transformation we are walking through as a community of faith.

For me, one of the difficult parts of journeying through such change is the need to let go of things I’m ready to release and things I’m not. Perhaps that’s true for you, too? And sometimes there’s so much letting go, or what I’m letting go of is so significant to me, that it’s hard to see anything but the place I’m standing.

In those moments, it’s hard to feel anything but the grief or sadness or uncertainty – no matter how much I know that God is with me and there are new, exciting things ahead.

If you find yourself in that place, I encourage you to:

  • Pause and acknowledge what you’re feeling – sometimes the best healing comes from naming the pain or loss that we feel.
  • Recognize that you’re not alone in what you feel – for we journey together, with one another and with God.
  • Reach out to a trusted person to share how you are doing – strengthening your connections is a vital part of living.
  • Watch a sunset, or take a walk, or look at beautiful pictures of nature – in some way, connect to God’s greater Creation to see the beauty and hope that is of God.

So many questions swirl around us in life. In these moments, God calls us to lean into faith. We are invited to do the hard work of naming what we trust, naming Who we trust – and remembering that God has a vision for us as individuals and for our community of faith.

God has gotten us this far. And, in the Mystery of God’s timing, God is already ahead of us in the place where we are going and will meet us there.

So, in faith, we strive to recognize the possibility that permeates our future. And walk confidently, in hope, together – because God has called us, in Jesus Christ, to be lights for one another as fellow journeyers along the way.

Below is an affirmation prayer I received a few years ago from the Sisters in Atchison, KS. I pray, as you use it in prayer over these next days and weeks, that it will strengthen you and bring you peace.

I count myself blessed to be on this walk with you, called forth into life.

~ Pastor Suzanne


Prayer for Journeyers

~Benedictine Sisters, Mount St. Scholastica

We move forward into a future filled with possibility. We walk without maps, but we walk confidently, and we walk with hope, because we have chosen to be lights for each other while on the way.

We travel forward along a way we have not gone before. We travel as one who is led, arms outstretched as one who is called forth to life.

We travel in need, dependent on the Holy One for strength, for assurance; dependent on each other, God’s instruments, for love.

Leaving known paths behind us, we choose to journey forward in faith and service. As the journey brought us here, so now we begin anew, in confidence and peace.



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