in the pause


in the pause

No matter which road I take,

you are there. 

And when I pause to consider,

pause to reach deep inside

and find the place of quiet inner knowing,

when I do this I know again I am safe

for you have been there all along,

journeying with me,

encouraging me

and waiting for me to hear,

to listen

and recognize your voice.


I wrote these words several years ago, yet they are more true for me, for us, today than ever before.

Spring is here and new life is unfolding around us. The path before us unfolding as well.

As a community of faith, our congregation is growing in understanding of what congregational transformation looks like and what it asks of us in order to live and move in ways that are life giving and life affirming.

What might it look like to start anew? Not just as a faith community, but as individuals as well. What systems and practices can we let go of that are no longer needed? And what can we take on that will support who God is calling us to be?

No matter what road we find ourselves on in this journey, God walks with us every step. We need only pause to see and feel, to recognize God’s presence. And that gives me hope that sustains and emboldens me for the next step. For where God is is life and, ultimately, joy.


How blessed we are to walk this path together.

Journeying with you in hope,

Pastor Suzanne


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