Grace Notes: Labyrinth

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For in God we live and move and have our being.   Acts 17:28

Have you ever walked a Labyrinth?

In the devotional book I am reading, the author (Paula D’Arcy) describes a labyrinth that was part of a retreat she participated in.  This labyrinth, like most, contains one winding path that leads to the center.  The labyrinth used candles to define the pathways and as they walked the path their leader encouraged them not to fear, “let the path light your way…” “just stay on the path and you won’t get lost…”  “stay on the path and you will come to the center…”

What a wonderful metaphor for life in the Spirit.  What truth in knowing that the path we each walk, the movement of each soul toward the Spirit, is ablaze with light.  We never take a step apart from light.  By light we are held and defined.

But on the path itself, in the day-to-dayness of life, we feel we seldom glimpse the Light.  All too often we see only difficulty, adversity, and sorrow.  When we come upon a sudden change in direction, how often we feel we have lost our way.  We feel alone.  There is no sense of the Light which embraces and sustains us.  Instead we are left with the sense that life is an incomprehensible puzzle – and we see the darkness not the light.

As followers of the Way, we know God holds each of us and our way to the center, our path to God, is ablaze in light.  The Scriptures tell us that “in God we live and move and have our being.”  How would your life be different if you knew this was true – if you knew that you live and move within an embrace of radiant light?   Would you walk differently then?

~~ Suzanne

** If you would like to learn more about labyrinths, join us for a brief workshop on April 4 or plan to walk the labyrinth in our sanctuary during Holy Week. See the labyrinth articles in this newsletter for details.

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