Creativity – Made in the Image of God


One of the ways we’ve been taught to imagine God is God as “Creator.”  God, the Holy One who made all that exists – you and me and the things of this world, the things of this universe.  However, I prefer to think of God not so much as “Creator” – the One who made things – but instead as “Creativity’; that essence, life force, energy that resides within all which God indwells (which is everything!).  A living, pulsing, dynamic, enervating, force – a physical and spiritual presence.

As children of God, we understand that each of us is made in the image of God.  Not just love and truth and beauty, but also the creative energizing force of Life flows within us. … So, how do you seek to embody the creativity of God?

You do have it – this creativity.  We all have this force within us – we are each creative in our own fashion.  The difficulty comes when we allow the world to define “creative” for us.  For the world, the creativity which has value or worth must sell – the most beautifully painted landscape, the note-perfect song, the letter-perfect story.  Many of us have been raised to understand creativity in such narrow constraints that we can’t hope to fit.

Perhaps we were taught that pumpkins were only orange and snowmen were only white, that singing on key was the benchmark to a song well sung, that certain colors or patterns “go together” and others don’t.

Perhaps we were never taught that recognizing beauty is creativity itself … that creativity shows itself in a meal well prepared, in a home cared for, in the planning of a party, the planting of a garden, in our mix of friends, or in the way we give and share love.

When you unleash creativity, a whole new world opens at your feet – because you are connected to the Source in a way that is deeply intimate, mostly unconscious, and uniquely you – and you feel alive and whole.  And when we connect, when we open ourselves to God within, we find we are taken places we did not know existed.

We each have the creativity of God within us.  Connecting to that creativity is a gift we give ourselves and those we love.  The more we are able to tap into creativity, the more our life vibrates in tune, and the more we discover about our self, our loves, our desires, our gifts and abilities, our faith in God and in one another.

What might you do today to connect to the creativity within you?


Blessings on your journey,


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