Generosity Heals

Written By Fred Gee

On a recent visit to my physical therapist, he had a cad attached to his nametag which said, “Generosity Heals.”  I told him that I was the chair of our church’s stewardship committee and I really liked the slogan.  He said he received the card for contributing to a program at a local hospital.

That little slogan really stuck with me and got me to thinking about its wider application.  “Generosity Heals” — heals body, mind, soul and relationships.

Generosity can heal those whose resources are insufficient to gain access to quality health care.

Generosity can heal those whose lives have been afflicted with mental illness and subjected to abuse, lack of care and treatment and shunned by their families and society.

Generosity can heal the soul and mend the spirit of those who have been victimized by religious upbringing or experiences which were not positive, nurturing, compassionate, or loving.

Generosity can heal family, marital, and social relationships broken and damaged by lack of loving and nurturing environment and support in instances of abuse, mistrust, divorce, addiction, rape and incest.

Generosity can heal the victims of natural disasters and the violation and violence of war, terrorism, and genocide.

Generosity can heal our feelings of helplessness and guilt when we and others are generous with our prayers and support in times of loss and need.

Generosity can heal when people of faith give of themselves–their time, talent, resources, and energy–to the task of reaching out compassionately to those near and far to engage, support, reconcile, rescue and lift those who are victimized, abused, broken, deprived and hopeless.

Healing generosity is part of our very reason for being First Christian Church.  We have a vision and mission not only to serve and uplift our community of faith and the Drake neighborhood, but all people everywhere. That’s what we are about.

Let us live and pray that when it comes time to pledge and give to support the ministries of First Christian Church, our generosity will be deep and healing.

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