Crossing Over Ministry Team

Written by Vivian Mogensen

At the First Christian Church congregational meeting on December 11, 2016, the congregation unanimously adopted a motion brought by the Budget Committee to form a temporary ministry team to do an in-depth analysis of the church’s financial position and explore options for achieving sustainability of our mission and ministry.   This is necessary due to an increasing gap between our congregational offerings and income and our ministry expenses that have become unsustainable.  

Progress toward establishing the team is going well.  The Crossing Over Ministry Team will include two members from the Executive Committee, two from the Endowment Foundation, two elders and three at-large members.  Members of the team consist of:

  • Bill Evans, President
  • Connie Ryan, Secretary
  • Juanita Scriven, Endowment Foundation
  • Charlene Butz, Endowment Foundation
  • Art Jones, Elder
  • Sally Nadolsky, Elder
  • Al Edwards, At-large
  • Jazlyn Fitz, At-large
  • Rachel Spiller, At-large
  • Pastor Ryan Arnold, ex-officio

A facilitator from outside the congregation is being arranged and will be guiding the team through the process.    

The team will meet on the first and third Thursdays of each month for six months.  The first meeting is scheduled for Thursday, February 16 at 6:30 pm at the church.  Congregational members who wish to attend and listen are welcome to do so. There will be a brief opportunity at each session allowing for congregational input.

Please keep the Crossing Over Ministry Team in your prayers as they work to discern our future ministry together at FCC.  If you have questions, please contact Bill Evans, President, or Vivian Mogensen, President Elect.  


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