Co-creating Resurrection


As followers of Jesus, we are a resurrection people, you and I. We understand that the God of life is fully opposed to the powerful and ever-present forces of death. Forces of indifference and greed, hatred and division, privilege and power. Forces which deny each person’s createdness in God’s divine image. Through Jesus, we understand that God calls us to life together here in God’s kingdom; a life where the promise of healing through resurrection is offered to all.

You and I are called to be resurrection partners, to roll away the stone imprisoning others, and open paths to a future bright with promise. We are the hands and feet and heart of God. Through the words we speak, through the things we do we co-create resurrection: “Here, take my hand”; “It will be all right”; “Let’s walk together”… So let us practice resurrection by bringing forth beauty in all the places and ways we can, but especially in children and in marginalized and vulnerable persons. Let us practice resurrection by resisting division, and coercion, and greed. Let us practice resurrection by learning to live as a community which helps all persons know abundant living.

You have seen resurrection happen in the life of a troubled teen who, instead of being punished, is told “You are beautiful, intelligent, compassionate, and loved deeply, and I pray you see yourself that way” – simple words of truth that change a life. You have heard resurrection happen in the laughter of a widow. You have watched resurrection happen in the child adopted out of the foster care system, a child who now has a forever-family. You have felt resurrection happen when someone walks with you through the bowels of grief or depression, holding on to faith for you until you are able to name your faith again.

There is more for us to do than merely take the good news of Jesus Christ back to others; the meaning of Easter is a call for our whole lives. The world should be able to see in our lives our passion for resurrection and for God’s kingdom happening now, the kingdom that won’t happen without us, the kingdom that needs us working together. If we go back to our lives tomorrow as if nothing has changed, what have we really experienced this Easter?

As the sun rises every day, we are offered a new beginning, one filled with possibility, one that comes into fullness with our journeying together. What opportunities will the new day bring to co-create resurrection?

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