CHILI & BLUES This Thursday

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Written by Ben Allaway

It’s hard to believe we’ve been tasting chili together for 15 years!  The main objective of the Smokin’ Blues Chili Cook-Off & Jam has always been to have a good time and raise a little money for the Music program.

Some of the memorable pots over the years have had names like “Texas Chainsaw Massacre Chili,”Lutefisk Chili,”Cincinnati-style Chili with Chocolate,” and of course my own “Halloween Chili” with octopus tentacles and chicken feet hanging out the top of the pot!  I still hear about that one!

Bill Johnson’s Church Mouse has been the official mascot of Smokin’ Blues.  Bill published various Church Mouse cartoons in the Link for decades, and was very happy to have the mouse involved with the chili cook-off.

One year the mouse adorned a special commemorative dish towel.  It was the year that Martha Stewart went to jail, and we got a deal on some of her dishtowels.  She was really “singing the blues,” so we thought we would remember her with our logo on the towels.  They sold out quickly!

This year we have created our third commemorative T-shirt, with a fun new design by Van Holmgren and printed at 8/7 Central.  We hope you will enjoy this fun item and pick up a few for presents.  It’s never too early to shop for unique Christmas items! We have kids sizes thru XXXL for only $10.00!

ALERT!  SMOKIN’ BLUES ON TV!!  Channel 9’s GREAT DAY hosts, including our friend Jackie Schmillen, will judge some chili on the air Wednesday at 7:40 a.m.  Members of the First Christian band, Open House, will play live blues on the air.  We’re hoping this will bring in a bunch of new folks this year, both in entering and eating!

So come and eat chili and record your favorites this THURSDAY Oct. 29 6:00 pm.  Open House will start the music off at 6:00, and then at 6:30 a very special group of doctors and students called THE MUSCLE ENERGY BAND from Des Moines University will play a set!  They are wild and wonderful, and donating their services for our good cause.  No admission fee, just a Love Offering.


TO ENTER:  Bring a 1-2 gallon crock pot or pot to the Fellowship Hall kitchen no later than 4:30 pm the day of the contest.  Please call Ben Allaway at 720-1038 to sign up. Last minute entries welcome!   All proceeds go to TheARTS@First.

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  1. Beth Dobyns

    I still have the golden chili pot from 2011! This is such a fun event, and I know you will all have a great time. ….still not sure about that chicken foot chilli!! Best wishes, my friends….


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