Reaching Beyond to the Common Good


A major theme (maybe the major theme) I see within holy scriptures is a spiritual teaching that challenges every belief, critiques all behaviors, and captivates our whole imagination: The grasp of scarcity has been broken, overwhelmed by the divine gift of abundance, so now we are able love our neighbors in healing, liberating ways.


Elemental Statements of Neighborhood


The Ten Commandments serve as a religious and political challenge and critique—they are a protest against every kind of exploitative policy within the social order of our neighborly relations; they are a religious and political vision of possibility—the possibility that every social order to our neighborly relations can be transformed into healing, liberating policy.  More

Grace in the Wilderness


This story of wonder bread stands at the center of biblical imagination: it embodies and announces divine capacity for generosity that stands in complete and utter contrast to the nightmare of scarcity that fuel the empires’ exploitative, greedy, predatory policies.  More