Looking for Life

I’ve been reflecting the past few days on the reality that we find what we look for in life. If we look for the problems, then life becomes about weakness and gaps and difficulties. We find ourselves living through days… More

Crossing Over Vision Team Report & Recommendations

On Sunday, November 12, 2017 the Crossing Over Vision Team (COVT) presented their report to a special called congregational meeting. You may view the report by CLICKING HERE: covt-report-and-recommendations-11-8-17 The COVT understands their Report and Recommendations are extensive and will take time… More

From Frenzy to Faith

There’s no denying it. The press is reporting it, social media feeds are illustrating it, and casual conversations confirm it. These are anxious times. As I understand it, there are two types of anxiety we experience, clinical and environmental. The… More

Journey to the Common Good

How do we decide? There are endless options and divergent opinions. We are washed over by more than 5,000 marketing messages per day, and these messages are precisely tuned to trigger the responses desired. Eat this brand of cereal. Ask… More