After this vote


I sit here staring at a blank page searching my heart for words to speak into the yawning chasm which seems to have grown between us over these past weeks. A chasm of bitterness and blame, of righteous anger and fear, of divisiveness and oppression.

Yet deep in my heart I know none of this is the truth of who we are. None of this is the reality we each long for.

I believe deeply that you care at least as much, if not more, about your candidate winning as I do mine. I hold firm in my belief that your reasons for voting in favor of one or against another include concerns for our nation and our children and who we are to become.

Yet, when the election results are in Tuesday night, one simple fact will not change. No matter which candidate is declared the ‘winner’ of this election, we will all have lost if we are not able to find a way to journey forward together.

What we all long for is unity and justice, abundance and peace, and mercy and love – not just for our own selves, but for all persons.

Yet unity and justice and peace and love become reality only through our walk together into the future, only by our actions taken together.

So after you cast your vote in this election – and please do vote if you are eligible to do so, for each vote matters – after you cast your vote, pause and acknowledge you’ve done all you can for the outcome of this election.

Then it’s time to turn our hearts to our shared future. The election is behind us and what lies before us is deciding through our actions how we choose to be in relationship together today, how we will treat one another today. By each one’s actions, our families, our neighborhoods, our nation can win – this is the ‘vote’ which truly matters more than any other.

In you I see the light and love of the Divine. In you I see grace and justice, mercy and love.

I pray you see them in me, too.

Together, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with you, I commit to work in our diversity to make our hearts’ yearnings become reality.

Will you join me in this vote which matters more than any other?


Here are a few ways to help us pause and touch the truth of our yearning as we journey together.

  1. Take a break from the media. Whether your media of choice is Facebook / Twitter or the news-outlets, take some time to disconnect for a while, especially if you feel anxiety or anger building. Pause and remember what is important. Spend the time doing something with someone you love, or lending a helping hand where you are able.
  2. Practice Loving-Kindness Meditation. This simple yet powerful prayer can help transform your heart in ways you may never realize. (Learn more here.)
  3. Practice 5breaths. This simple prayer can help calm, ground and center you in the place of the Divine within. (Learn more here.)
  4. Intentionally look for acts of kindness and compassion happening in the world around you. Paying attention to the positive in our life and around us helps balance the negative messages which can feel overwhelming at times.
  5. Practice small acts of kindness. Find some small thing you can do today to help someone or to let them know they are not alone. Make some small act of connection with another person.
  6. Seek to create a shared identity with people who seem different from you. This is a great practice to help us reconnect to our oneness. (Learn more here.)
  7. Write a note of gratitude to someone. Expressing to someone how they have made a difference in our life helps ground us in our shared humanity.
  8. Find a way to connect with nature … take a walk outside, watch the sun rise or set, watch the falling leaves … Getting in touch with the universe in which we live helps remind us of our place within it, and helps re-size our problems.

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  1. CJ Louis

    Thank you, Suzanne! This is just what is needed.


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