Advent Prayer


Advent, the weeks before our day of celebration of the birth of Jesus, is a time of seeing what is and anticipating what is to come. We anticipate the arrival of God enfleshed in a child, because our hearts know that when God shows up love and hope and peace and joy are found.

This year as our minds know and our eyes see only the divisiveness of a polarized society, our hearts search for the places where God is being born in us.  Our hearts yearn for this season to offer us space to listen to our lives and hear where we are called to be mercy and grace, compassion and justice, Love. And our community yearns for each of us to answer God’s call.

O living God, soften us!

Let the fire of Your love

thaw the frost within us.

Let the light of Your justice

sear away our blindness.

Let the grace of Your compassion

heal our hardened spirits.

O living God, soften us!

That, flowing with Your grace,

we be impelled to face the world

in bold compassion,

that, driven to justice,

we may dare to cry aloud

for the little ones,

the raped, the beaten,

the imprisoned, and the hungry.

O living God, soften us!

Sweep us forward

in a Mighty Wave of Mercy

to heal our darkened world.

~ Edwina Gateley, A Mystical Heart


May the God of Love soften us this Advent so we might face the world in bold compassion bringing healing in all the ways we can.

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