A Stewardship Moment


Written by Fred Gee

Hardly a day goes by that Sharon and I do not receive mail, e-mail, or phone calls from an organization, institution, politician or political party asking for our financial support.  Beyond the nuisance of these constant requests is the fact that they almost all represent causes that we value and would love to be able to support, but can’t. We have to decide what we value and  which matter most to us and what is within our ability to support.

And then there’s our church.  While we don’t get regular mail, e-mail, or phone appeals to contribute to the church, the weekly offering statement at the Table and it’s “opportunity” to give may seem a lot like our many daily solicitations  On top of the every-Sunday offering “opportunity,” we know that there will be a major stewardship campaign every fall when we will be asked to make our annual pledge of support for the church.  As with all those other requests, we will again have to decide how we value and to what extent we can support the worship, education and varied ministries we experience at First Christian Church.

It is clear that we both value the opportunities First Christian provides us.  They are important to us; they matter; and we do support them to the best of our financial ability. The choir matters to Sharon; it is a valued part of her life and allows her to invest her talent in the music ministry of the church.  Teaching and sharing my knowledge and faith with other older adults in a Learning Hour class matters to me.  I  enjoy teaching and it gives me an opportunity to keep my mind sharp and continue to grow in my faith.

Sharing the worship hour with our First Christian Church family matters. Worship is an important part of the fabric, spiritual dimension, and rhythm of our lives.

Serving as Elder and Deacon and on committees gives us valuable opportunities to serve. Going on mission trips; serving meals at the homeless Shelter, working at the Food Pantry, and helping with Friendship Time and church events are also valuable components of our serving and sharing and learning and growth.  And we know from our experiences that the time and money we give may matter more to others than to us.

Perhaps above all are the friendships and relations established and nurtured within this faith family where we share values, hopes, dreams and the desire to make a difference.

There are other components to the reason we value the sum total of our experience of and participation in First Christian–and why we are glad to support First Christian Church. This is a unique, open, and diverse family of faith and service–and it truly matters to us and we are proud to be part of it and its support system and ministries.

As fellow sojourners on the journey of faith and service, we urge–no, we challenge–you to measure how much you value First Christian Church and how much our church matters in your life. Then join us in making a stewardship pledge for 2016 that truly reflects the value and priority you place on this, our church.

*Adapted from a stewardship moment shared on September 20.

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