A Legacy of Relationships

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In less than one week, we will begin our 15th year of LOGOS ministry at First Christian Church.  LOGOS is our Wednesday night ministry for children and youth, grades K-12.  We continue 15 years in the tradition of love and welcome, acceptance and nurture, mercy and presence. A tradition that has helped transform us in so many ways – transformation born from encountering the Presence of the Holy …

  • in the face of a child delighting in being greeted by name on Sunday morning by so many adults who know them through LOGOS.
  • in the joy of a child who sees their LOGOS table parent on Sunday and races to share about their week.
  • in the volunteer teacher who struggles to teach the diversity of children we have, yet delights in that diversity, continuing to welcome every child.
  • in the connection seen as an adult provides comfort and a listening ear to a child in need.
  • in the 60 adults who come on a weekly basis to do everything from set the tables for dinner to play board games with children, from cook the meal to lead bible study, from walking children to class to taking home the dinner napkins to wash … plus the countless others who make desserts, provide scholarships, create weekly agendas, and hold us all in prayer.


LOGOS has created a legacy of relationships in the Way of Jesus Christ.  Relationships built on acceptance and respect and trust.  Relationships, not just with the children, but also among the adults. Relationships nurturing and sustaining us in our daily walk of faith, and challenging us to see the face of Christ in one another – for through LOGOS we affirm:  “You are a child of God and I will treat you that way.”

Whether you are a child, youth or adult, if you’d like to be part of First Christian Church’s LOGOS ministry, please contact Suzanne Stout.  Our circle is wide and we long to welcome you!


LOGOS begins Wednesday, September 23.

  • Drop off begins at 4:00 pm for all ages.
  • Children (grades K-5) meet from 4:25 pm to 7:00 pm.
  • Middle school youth meet from 4:45 pm to 7:45 pm.
  • High school youth meet from 5:00 to 8:00 pm.
  • Nursery care is preschool and younger is provided for the children of our volunteers.

Cost is $30 per child or $50 family maximum, with scholarships available.

Adult volunteers can sign-up for one-time or weekly activities. Some assignments provide support outside of Wednesday nights, all others are during the evening activities.

For more information, to register your child, or to inquire about volunteering, please contact Suzanne Stout.

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  1. Jill Clark

    15 years ago I was asked if I felt a calling to become the BIBLE STUDY coordinator for a new program called LOGOS. AFTER SOME PRAYER I SAID YES. I DID.


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